• EX-A Customs Export Declaration Request

EX-A Customs Export Declaration Request

We support our non-EU clients by preparing their EX-A customs export declaration. So as to ensure that your documentation is ready in a timely manner, we kindly request that your demand be submitted to us at least 1 working day before the purchased vehicle is collected. In your request please mention the exact last EU border for customs. 

The status of your EX-A customs export declaration request may be verified by going to “My personal page” and selecting the “ EX-A customs export declaration request” section.

Kindly note that 40€ is charged for the preparation of the EX-A document.

Refund of the Value Added Tax (VAT): Please note that you are able to claim the VAT after the purchased vehicle crosses the EU and after the EX-A document is officially registered by the EU border crossing point.

Before making the request for the refund please check the car’s export status by going to the following Export MRN Follow-up (international movements only) link of the European Commission below.