User status

There are 3 types of user status

  Trial Silver Silver + Deposit Golden
Our Stock View Buy \ Make Offer Buy \ Make Offer Buy \ Make Offer
Fixed Price Limited View View Full Access Full Access
Auctions Limited View View Full Access Full Access
Commission Standard Standard Standard The discounts of 50 € on the commission costs per vehicle
How to get Registration Upload the required documents Top up a security deposit of 500 € to demonstrate your creditworthiness Make a deposit of 5000 € to demonstrate your creditworthiness or have bought 5 vehicles per month

Details about Deposit

a) The deposit has to be transferred to the following bank account:

Bank name and address: Ing Bank, Stationstraat 78, 1930 Zaventem, Belgie
Bank account name: SOLAF bvba
IBAN: BE 67 3300 5872 7187
Communication: "Deposit Your user id"

b) or pay with your creditcard with Stripe

The deposit can be withdrawn at any time providing that all your transactions are completed and the notice about the withdrawal is given at least two weeks in advance.

Note, a Silver user may become a “Golden” if a minimum of 5 purchases per month are successfully completed. Alternatively, should the Golden user status be of urgent need (for our larger client orders), please contact a member of our team and they would be happy to explain the benefits.