• Head of Sales and Business Development

Location: Brusseles, Belgium
Type: full-time

Reports To:


Managerial Responsibility:

This is a senior managerial position with direct and indirect (matrix) management responsibility. The position is responsible for delivering bottom line business results for the company by directly overseeing all customer facing units, including:
  • New Customer Consultant team - new client onboarding
  • Customer Success Team - active client retention
  • Key account manager Team - cold calling/business development

As part of the senior management board team, the position is responsible for formulating and executing a cost effective scalable global expansion plan while ensuring continued improvement in operational effectiveness and business process automation for all business units. Matrix managerial responsibility includes oversight of the CRM and data analytics & reporting teams. The position will be key in overseeing ongoing company wide change management.

Job Overview

SOLAF BV consists of two divisions www.SolafCars.com and www.eCarsTrade.com

This position is responsible for delivering the company’s bottom line net profit result. The group has ambitious plans to automate and expand globally in order to grow its market share in a mature and highly competitive ex lease car sale industry.

The company is currently in the process of completely revamping operations to split and specialize functions like customer conversion, and customer retention. This also involves launching sales performance based bonus plans for the first time. These changes are wide in their scope, and represent a significant change from business as usual for the staff. Because the company is undergoing this bottom up transformation, the role presents additional challenges, since optimal business processes have not yet been defined, and we expect many iterations of trial and error changes until a scalable model can be reached. In the meantime, the business must continue operating and serving customers while these changes are being implemented.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Ensure that employees are meeting or exceeding their KPI targets for metrics such as: speed of response to customer inquiries, communication/call quality, new car sales, new b2b customers, sales from existing b2b customer portfolio of b2b customers, cross sell efforts of Solaf B2B customers -> eCarsTrade, volume of employee contacts, customer retention, customer reactivation, customer returns, and so forth.
  • The role is responsible for ensuring efficient employee workflow and proper use of CRM reports. A key part of the job will be teaching employees to do their work effectively, using a smart data driven approach.
  • Continuously formulate requirements for changes to the reporting and CRM systems to ensure KPIs can be tracked and monitored using custom reports.
  • Lead recruitment and interview efforts to hire new employees
  • Oversee new office setup and launch, ensuring compliance with local legal and regulatory guidelines.
  • Must review leading competitors on a regular basis and deploy their best practices as part of the corporate strategy.
  • Must develop an employee training academy to automate as much of the new employee training process as possible
  • Must work with the analytics and reporting teams to evaluate weak areas for improvement.
  • Must conduct regular sales training classes to review good and bad examples of client interactions.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience managing multinational sales and customer service teams handling B2B and Retail sales.
  • Track record of success showing both organic growth and international expansion.
  • Willingness to go beyond expectations
  • At least a bachelor degree
  • Must be fluent in English.Additional European languages are a plus.


  • Start-up working environment where creativity and ambition is rewarded
  • Opportunity for growth and to have a real impact
  • A competitive salary package with good extra legal benefits
  • Company car

Starting date: as soon as possible