• Find the perfect car thanks to the new “SMART Finder”-module!

Find the perfect car thanks to the new “SMART Finder”-module!

The SMART FINDER is now available on our auction website! It is a unique and useful tool that can help you find the perfect ex-lease vehicle! The SMART Finder is a search tool that saves your desired car and notifies you when they are available on our website. You select the criteria that is relevant for you and for you future purchase. The SMART Finder will save them.

How does it work? It is very simple: Go to our homepage and click on the [Advanced Search] tab.

There you can choose from all the available second hand cars that are available on our website. You can select one or multiple vehicles and your selection will end up in the right column. If you want to remove a specific model, you can just unselect them. Also, if you have a preference for a country of origin, just select the country you prefer.

You can also choose between specific characteristics that you think are valuable for your desired vehicle: date of 1st registration, type of fuel, manual or automatic gearbox, engine size, kms/mileage, power, size of vehicle.

Finally, you can choose the type of advert you prefer to follow. eCarsTrade sells vehicles at fixed prices (from our stock or from third parties) but also offers ex-lease vehicles through open or closed auctions.

Also, if you only have a limited budget, you may indicate it here. Remember, the prices are indicated without VAT.

Once you have selected the criteria, click on [SAVE THIS SMART FINDER]! Our search engine will notify you immediately through e-mail when your desired cars are available on our platform.