Important Information About Electric Vehicle Battery Leasing


For certain electric vehicles, mostly Renault models, the battery is not included in the purchase price and must be leased separately.

This means that you own the vehicle, but you also need to sign a separate contract with the vehicle's manufacturer and pay a monthly fee to use the battery.

Battery leasing can lower the initial cost of the vehicle, since you are not paying for the battery upfront.

However, monthly lease payments are required for the duration of your use of the battery. The monthly lease payments depend on which "kilometres pack" you choose.

What you need to do before purchasing an EV:

  • Check the title of the car listing. If you see "Ohne Batterie" in the title, it means the battery is not included and you will need to lease it.

  • Check the car description. The possibility of a battery lease will also be mentioned in the description. Always read the car description thoroughly!

  • Research: Before purchasing, please check with the manufacturer to understand the terms and costs of battery leasing for the specific model you are interested in.

  • Contact us: If you are not sure whether the EV comes with or without the battery, feel free to contact your Account Manager.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the battery lease terms before purchasing an EV to make an informed decision!