Who is eCarsTrade?

eCarsTrade is a fast-growing international online car auction platform. Headquartered in the heart of Europe, we are a young and innovative company focused on car remarketing - reselling vehicles previously owned by leasing companies, dealerships and short-term rental companies from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, and The Netherlands. We provide our clients with a wide range of services, including paperwork assistance, help with logistics, and personal manager support. We help hundreds of car traders and automotive professionals buy high-quality vehicles on our auctions and grow their business.

Who can use eCarsTrade?

EU automotive companies and non-EU automotive traders. Non-automotive companies are also allowed to buy at eCarsTrade, but different conditions apply, and the mandatory deposit will, in this case, be higher.

To which countries do you sell vehicles?

Our main market is the European Union, but we also sell cars to non-EU car traders. With the eCarsTrade Delivery Service, we can organize vehicle transport for EU companies, but we are not currently able to organize transport for non-EU traders.

Is it safe to buy cars online?

Yes. All our cars come from trusted leasing companies and dealerships that accurately and extensively document the vehicles’ mileage, service history, and current condition. The detailed photos and appraisal reports provide our customers with confidence in the state of the cars and an accurate description of any damages. Additionally, each vehicle is thoroughly inspected by professional and independent experts.


What documents do I need to provide to buy on eCarsTrade?

EU traders need to provide official company documents with the following information: name of the company, VAT number, full name of the owner, full address of the company, and a scan of a valid ID card or passport of the owner.

Non-EU traders need to provide a scan of a valid ID card or passport, full address of residence or company, and company documents (if any).

Why do you need my company documents and a valid ID?

We often have financial checks, and in those cases, we need to ensure everything is compliant with VIES (VAT Information Exchange System). Your company documents are kept ONLY for eCarsTrade and are not shared for any other purposes.

When can I start bidding?

After our team has validated your documents and you get Silver/Gold user status, you’re all set to bid! Keep in mind that, to get unlimited bidding, you will need to make a deposit. Please refer to User Statuses for more info.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is a guarantee of your purchasing ability. You pay it only once and it is fully refundable. After paying the deposit, you get unlimited bidding. The deposit amount may vary.


I can’t find the car I am looking for. What can I do?

Our Smart Finder allows you to save the exact car brand, model, and features you are looking for. When a car that fits all your criteria appears on our site, we will send you an email. Just make sure you have the email subscription enabled via your Personal page! You can also contact us anytime, and we’ll help you set up your Smart Finder.

The bid suggestion calculator is not working. How can I calculate how much to bid?

If the calculator isn't working, you can try manually selecting the car model from the drop-down menu. If that doesn't resolve the issue, try adding a few more filters to your search, like the mileage or year of registration. If the calculator is still not working after you've done all this, feel free to contact your Account Manager for assistance.

How do I know if I have won an auction?

If you have won an auction, we will email you the proforma invoice 24-48 hours after the auction closes. If you haven't won the auction, you will not receive an email, but you can always see the status of all your bids on your Personal page.

I made the highest bid, does that mean I will win the vehicle?

Not necessarily. Even if your bid is the highest, a lot still depends on the leasing company. If the leasing company doesn't reach the target price they have in mind, they still have the right to refuse the sale.

Can I cancel a purchase/bid made by mistake?

You can delete or modify your bids ONLY on Blind auctions before the auction ends. You cannot cancel your bids on Open auctions, Fixed Prices, and Our Stock. After the auction ends, all bids and purchases made on eCarsTrade are binding and cannot be canceled. Penalties will be applied in case of cancellation (see our Terms & Conditions). Please get in touch with your Account Manager in case of a mistake or a problem.

If I lose the auction, can I still buy that car?

We don't receive updates from our partners on whether the cars have been sold after the auction ends. Our partners will put the car back online if the vehicle has not been sold after the auction ends. In this case, you will receive an email notifying you that the car you have bid on is online again. However, you must have email subscriptions turned on, which you can do through your Personal Page.

How does an Open Auction work?

To participate in Open auctions, you need to pay the deposit first. In Open auctions, you can see the current highest bid and place a higher bid for a chance to win. You'll need to follow the auction closely until it closes, for the highest chance of outbidding other traders and winning. We suggest you to up your bids by no more than 200-500€ at a time.

Please don't bid unless you're absolutely sure you can pay for the vehicle since it's not possible to cancel your bids in Open auctions.

The car is not automatically yours, even if you're the highest bidder after the auction ends. The seller still has the right to decide whether they want to sell the car for that price or not.

How does a Blind Auction work?

In Blind auctions, you can't see bids from other users like you can in Open auctions. You need to propose the price you're willing to pay for that vehicle. However, unlike Open auctions, in Blind auctions you can delete or change your offer as long as the auction is active.

When the auction closes, you will receive an email within 24 hours if you have won the car. If you haven't won, you won't receive an email, but you'll be able to check the status of the auction on your Personal page.

Again, the seller decides whether they want to sell the car for your proposed price or not. If you need help determining how much to bid, you can use our bid suggestion calculator or contact us for assistance with estimating.

How do Fixed Prices work?

Easy! If you like the car and its price, click on "Buy now". We will be in touch with you within 2 hours. Please be aware that it's not possible to cancel this purchase and that we don't have any additional info about the car than what you see on the car page.

How does Our Stock work?

Our Stock consists of our vehicles available for purchase and most are already at our warehouse. You can buy them with the "Buy now" option, and all the information about the car is available on our website. After the cars have been present on our website for a certain amount of time, you will have the opportunity to make us an offer and get the car for a lower price.

How do Our Stock offers work?

You will sometimes be able to make a lower offer for Our Stock vehicles than the price you see online, allowing you to get the car for a lower price. We suggest not going lower than 400€ maximum compared to the price online. You have two offer chances per car.


How much does it cost to buy a car?

The price of a car consists of your bid + our commission. Our commission includes an administrative fee and the cost of vehicle transportation to our facilities. The commission depends on your bid amount and the car's origin country. There are no hidden surprises here - the total price will be visible to you before you make an offer. For more information about the commission, check out our Costs page.

What payment methods do you accept?

For the security deposit - online payment or bank transfer.

For cars and extra services - ONLY bank transfer from your company bank account. Money should be transferred from the country where your company is registered.

Can I pay in cash?

All payments need to be done via bank transfer from your company bank account.

How many days do I have to pay for the car?

The car payment has to be made by bank transfer from your company bank account within 3 working days starting from the moment you receive the win notification by email or on your Personal page. The payment period might vary according to your user status. The deadline will also be mentioned on the proforma invoice you will receive. If you transfer your payment after the deadline expires, late fees will apply.

What if I pay later than the deadline on the proforma invoice?

If you miss the deadline on your proforma, late payment fees will be applied starting from the 7th day after the creation of the proforma. Late payment fees won’t affect clients who pay their proforma invoices on time.

The price of the late payment fee will be calculated at 0.075% of the full price of the car/day, with a minimum of 10€/day.

Here are some examples:


Vehicle price Late payment fee/day 
€ 5000 

€ 10

€ 10,000

€ 10

€ 15,000

€ 11.25


Each time we have to charge the fee, your proforma will be automatically updated. You can access the updated proforma via the car page or the reminder email. The car will not be released until the fee has been paid.


Can I get a copy of the invoice?

You have access to all documents, including invoices, on your Personal page.

Are prices VAT inclusive or exclusive?

There are two types of prices you can see at eCarsTrade:

  • VAT deductible - most prices on our platform exclude VAT (net price).
  • Margin: VAT not deductible - if the car has been bought from a private person, the price includes VAT and it can't be deducted.

Can I pay the price with the VAT included?

EU companies have to buy vehicles with the VAT excluded and then declare the VAT in their country. However, only Belgian companies can pay the price with the VAT included.

Non-EU companies have to buy vehicles with the VAT included, which is then refunded after export confirmation by customs.

In the table below you can see the rules applicable to you based on the details of your vehicle:


Car Type Destination VAT
VAT deductible car Belgium 21% - VAT included
EU (except Belgium)

0% - VAT excluded

VAT needs to be declared in the country of final destination.
Outside EU

0% - VAT excluded

You need to pay the full VAT amount (21%) as a guarantee. You can claim this amount after the purchased vehicle crosses the borders of the EU and the EX-A document is officially registered by the EU border inspection point.
Margin car Any country VAT is already included in the vehicle’s price and can not be deducted.

Do I need to pay the VAT for export outside of the EU?

As a non-EU customer, you will have to make a deposit representing the total amount of the VAT. We will prepare the EX-A document needed for export and the VAT refund.

You can claim the VAT after the purchased vehicle crosses the EU and the EX-A document is officially registered by the EU border inspection point.

To get the VAT back, first check the car's export status on MRN Follow-up (international movement only). After you acquire proof of export via MRN Follow-up, please send us your bank details and proof of export via email at [email protected].


Can my purchased vehicles be delivered to me?

Yes, we are able to organize transport to EU companies. You can have your purchased car delivered directly to you if your location can be reached by a car transport truck.

After you win a car, the option to request delivery will appear in:
1. The email with your proforma invoice
2. My Vehicles section of your Personal page

You can also request your custom delivery quote by sending an email to [email protected].

For the moment, we are not able to deliver to non-EU traders.

What is the pickup procedure?

As soon as we receive your payment, we will direct your vehicle to the eCarsTrade parking lot in Belgium. The lead time of the car depends on which country it comes from.

Once the car arrives at our parking lot along with its documents, you will receive an email with the pick-up authorization document and the status of the car changes to “ready to be collected”. You need to fill this document out with the details of the transport company you are using and send it back to us signed and stamped before the pick-up. Your vehicle is then officially ready for collection.

What is a pickup code and how can I get it?

A pickup code is a code that our Ghislenghien parking requires in order for the truck driver to be allowed to enter their premises. As this is a private parking, it is not possible to go in without this code.

To receive the code, you need to send the signed and stamped Pick-Up Authorization with the transport company name filled in to [email protected].

How many days do I have to pick the car up from your warehouse?

We recommend that you pick the car up within 10 working days, starting from the moment you receive the pick-up email notification and the car’s status changes to “vehicle to be collected” on your Personal page. If this 10-day limit is exceeded, we reserve the right to charge parking fees.

Can I pick the car up directly from the leasing company?

No. We always transport the vehicle to our facilities first to inspect them and ensure everything is in order. This is done in your best interest in case we need to solve any issues or claims.

Will the vehicle have license plates when I pick it up?

No. The vehicle will NOT have its original plates. Our managers are happy to explain exactly how you can obtain transit license plates. Keep in mind that you will have to do this yourself, in person, in Brussels. eCarsTrade cannot obtain transit license plates on your behalf. For more information on how to get transit license plates, contact your Account Manager or refer to the Transit license plates section of your Personal page.

How long will it take to have the car ready at the parking?

Lead time starts from the moment your payment is received and visible on our account.

Lead time depends on each supplier company, so please check the estimated lead time on the car page.

On average, cars from Belgium arrive the fastest, French and Dutch cars take up to 20 working days, and German and Italian cars take up to 30 working days to arrive at eCarsTrade.

What are the opening hours of the pickup locations?

Overijse: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Ghislenghien: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 11:50, 12:30 - 16:00
Puurs: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:00

Can I pick the car up with my company plates?

Yes, you can. However, the plates need to be in the same company's name as it appears on the invoice (the address and country need to match). You need to provide us with copies of the plates via email before the pickup to ensure your plates will be accepted. Make sure you are allowed to drive to Belgium and back with these plates. eCarsTrade has no liability for any potential issues if you decide to use company plates.


Which documents are provided with the car?

We provide the invoice, the original registration papers, and the COC if any (Certificate of Conformity).

Can I get EX-A and EUR.1 documents?

We can provide the EX-A document for 50€ in case you are exporting the car outside of the EU. Please let us know in advance if you need the EX-A document so we can organize it for you in time. Read more about the procedure of obtaining an EX-A declaration.

The EUR1 document can be provided only for certain brands and needs to be issued by another agency. eCarsTrade cannot provide it since we are not the car's original manufacturer. Please get in touch with our customer support for further information.

How will I receive the documents of the car?

Overijse: You will receive the vehicle's documents upon pickup. We usually send the Pick-up Authorization only after we receive these documents from the leasing company or dealership the car comes from. If the documents are unavailable, you can still pick the car up without them but eCarsTrade has no liability after that point (for example, lost documents from the leasing company). When the documents become available, you will be charged 50€ for the delivery of the documents via a courier.

Ghislenghien: The transport company first picks the car up with the CMR document. When you receive the vehicle, you must sign and stamp the CMR and send it back to us via email at [email protected]. Please mention the address where you want to receive the documents, and we will send them via courier.

Puurs: You can either pick the documents up at our Overijse office after the collection of your vehicles in Puurs, or request mail delivery by sending us your preferred address to [email protected].

I received my car without the documents. How do I get them?

If you picked up the car from Ghislenghien, don't worry, it's normal that you received the car without documents. To receive them, you’ll need to send a copy of the signed and stamped CMR to [email protected]. After we receive the CMR, we are going to send you the original documents of the car via a courier and provide a tracking code.

If you picked up the car from Puurs, simply send an email to [email protected] with the address where you would like us to send the documents.

Do all cars have a COC?

Depends on the vehicle’s country of origin. Most cars coming from Belgium and Luxembourg have a COC. Vehicles from The Netherlands and Germany have a COC which is NOT the original brand’s COC. Cars from France never have a COC. You can see which documents are provided with each vehicle in the vehicle’s description and photos. Cars from Italy do not have a COC.


How can I apply a promo code?

After you buy a car and receive the proforma invoice, go to your Personal page and locate the tab called “promo codes” in the left-hand menu. Add your promo code there to activate it.

Now that it’s active, go to the car page of the car you won/bought and apply your promo code there. You will then receive an updated proforma invoice with the discount applied.

If you’re having difficulties with this process, contact your Account Manager, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Why can’t I apply a promo code on Stock offers?

Stock offers are already at a discounted price. Our promo codes cannot be combined with other discounts.

Why was my account blocked?

There are a few main reasons why your account could be blocked:
  • You have a trial version, but you didn't upload your documents to become a Silver user within 30 days. However, you can still log in, upload your documents and become a Silver user to have your account unblocked.
  • You bought a car, but your payment is overdue. Pay for your purchase(s) to be unblocked and able to buy again.
  • We noticed suspicious activity or misconduct. Contact your manager for more information.
To unblock your account, contact your manager for more information and the next steps.

How do I get my deposit back?

Please send an email to [email protected], mentioning the reason you want your deposit back and your bank details. Keep in mind that we can refund you only if all transactions have been completed. The refund will be visible on your account within 20 working days.

In which cases does eCarsTrade reserve the right to keep the deposit?

If the client doesn't respect their contractual obligations, the deposit will be used to cover the financial loss of eCarsTrade caused by the user's misconduct (refusing to pay after winning an auction, canceling the purchase for personal reasons, etc.)

However, we never want a minor conflict to get in the way of future cooperation. Even when we have to keep the deposit for any reason, but the client still wants to resume cooperation, we are happy to do so. In these cases, we will ask for a new higher deposit.