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We believe in offering our services at a competitive price. Our commissions are fixed and transparently assessed on the value of your bid.

The total price on the vehicle includes the bid you made, the commission and the administrative cost.

The commission depends on the bid made on the vehicle.

Bid made on the vehicle Commission of eCarsTrade
Up to €5.000 €150
From €5.001 to 10.000 €200
From €10.001 to 20.000 €250
Above €20.001 for each additional 10.000 +€50 (above €300)


Administrative cost: a fee of 50will be charged for all cars coming from Belgium. For those vehicles coming from outside Belgium, 100 will be charged.

Extra services costs

  1. Transit license plates
    1. Belgian transit license plates for 1 month (on average) – 265-565
  2. Export documents
    1. EX-A – 50
  3. Logistic costs

    eCarsTrade offers its clients a range of logistic solutions and has a list of priority logistics companies to assist you with all matters related to the movement of your purchase. (eCarsTrade does not take any responsibility for the transportation and payment)

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