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Why choose eCarsTrade for ex-rental vehicles?

  • High-quality young vehicles: Discover a wide selection of well-maintained, gently used rental EVs from trusted brands.

  • Transparent history: Access ex-rental cars with comprehensive service records, providing peace of mind for your dealership.

  • Convenient online auctions: Participate in exciting auctions from the comfort of your location, 24/7.

  • Dedicated support: Our team is here to guide you through every step of the purchase process.

Ongoing auctions from rental companies

CLOSING: Friday, 19/04/2024
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VW Group dealers: Trade-in:
  • Estimation Price - winning chance +-20-30%
Vehicles originating from Belgium: 
(1) Auction results can take up to 3 working days.
(2) Delivery may take +/- 2 weeks.
(3) Most vehicles have a service history, but note that if it's not online, it may not be available for that car.
19 Apr 09:40
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Pay attention! Image / Photos wins from text in claims.

ALD Netherlands:

  • Estimation Price - winning chance +-20-30%
Vehicles originating from Netherlands
Delivery may take +/- 4-6 weeks. 
(2) Most vehicles come with German documents except the fully electric ones.
(3) Most vehicles have a service history, but note that if it's not online, it may not be available for that car.
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Arval Belgium:
  • Minimum bid - winning chance +-10-15%
  • Estimation Price - winning chance +-50-70%

Vehicles originating from Belgium
Delivery may take +/-2 weeks. 

(2) Most vehicles have a service history, but note that if it's not online, it may not be available for that car.

19 Apr 11:25
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AVIS France:
  • Minimum bid - winning chance +-10-15%
  • Estimation Price - winning chance +-50-70%
Vehicles originating from France
Delivery may take +/-3-5 weeks. 
(2) Most vehicles dont have a Certificate of Conformity (COC).
(3) Most vehicles have a service history, but note that if it's not online, it may not be available for that car.

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How to participate in eCarsTrade auctions

Register in 30 seconds

Register for free with your VIES-valid VAT number and company information.

Upload documents

Upload your company documents and prove you're a car dealer to get full acess to the platform.

Browse and bid on rental cars

Find a vehicle you are looking for and simply start bidding!

Pay for your cars

Pay from your company bank account before the deadline on the proforma invoice.

Choose between pick-up or delivery

Pick your car up with an official truck transport or company plates, or let eCarsTrade deliver it to you!

Tips for successful bidding

Simple tricks to increase your chances of success and win ex-rental cars your customers want!

Set a budget

Setting a clear budget in advance is the first step to success. That way you can plan your bids wisely, manage expenses and boost your bidding confidence.


Use our bid calculator

Use the bid suggestion calculator to determine how much to bid based on the minimum market price or ask your account manager for help.

Know the rules

Take some time to explore the platform and familiarise yourself with how auctions work before you start bidding. Remember that bids cannot be cancelled!

Eyes on the prize

Carefully check the description and photos of the cars you're interested in, and don't get discouraged if your first bids are not the winning ones. Successful bidding takes practice!

What do you need to know about buying rental cars with eCarsTrade?

Start bidding on ex-rental cars for sale! 

Certificate of Conformity (COC)

Always check the description to see if your car comes with a COC.

Detailed appraisal report

Most of our used rental cars come with a detailed appraisal report and transparent service history.


Top quality

Vehicles from rental and lease companies are typically well-maintained and in great condition.

Up to 35 days for your cars to arrive

Purchased vehicles can take up to 35 days to arrive to our premises in Belgium.

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Questions & Answers

Answers to popular questions about purchasing used rental cars on eCarsTrade online auctions.

1. How do I begin participating in ex-rental car auctions for dealers?

To start, simply register for free on eCarsTrade and submit your dealership documents for verification. Once approved, you gain full access to our auction platform. Navigate to the Auctions section to discover a variety of ex-rental vehicles to enhance your dealership’s stock.

2. What types of ex-rental vehicles are available at the auctions?

Our auctions feature a wide array of rental cars suitable for various dealership needs. You'll find everything from compact city cars and family-friendly SUVs to luxury options and high-performance models.

3. What are the options for pick-up and delivery of the vehicles?

You have several options: you can hire a truck transport company to pick up your cars, collect them yourself with company plates, or choose our delivery service. For delivery inquiries, please contact your Account Manager for a custom quote.

4. Are the cars from rental companies equipped with necessary documentation like a COC?

The COC's availability depends on your car’s country of origin. Most cars coming from Belgium and Luxembourg have a COC, while cars from France will very rarely have one. Vehicles from The Netherlands and Germany have a COC, but it’s not the original brand’s COC.

5. Do cars come with an inspection report?

The majority of vehicles have comprehensive appraisal reports or detailed service histories to guarantee transparency about their condition. You can also verify the car’s history independently, by using a VIN decoder to see the full history of the vehicle.

6. What is the main advantage of sourcing vehicles from rental companies?

Rental companies prioritize regular maintenance. This means you'll often find high-quality, late-model vehicles with transparent service records, making them a reliable choice for expanding your dealership's inventory.

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