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Online Used Cars Auctions Overview

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Used Car Auctions eCarsTrade

eCarsTrade offers you a wide selection of used cars for sale at auction. Here you can find used vehicles from all over Europe in good condition with low mileage. Each used auto is checked by an independent expert. The cars photos cover all existing damages, even the smallest defects, with appraisal reports available for most vehicles. Over 1,500 vehicles are available every week at our used car auctions.

How Online Used Cars Auctions Work

There are two types of auctions—blind and open. A blind auction means that your bid is hidden from other bidders. At either used cars auction type, if you placed the highest bid and the seller accepts, you will be notified of your winning within three business days after the closing of the auction. You will be notified via email, when your vehicle will be ready for pick up.

Your Hassle-Free Purchase from Auctions!

  1. Sign up on our website without any commissions or membership fees.
  2. Pick out your desired used auto by using the advanced search tool and appraisal reports. If the vehicle that you’re interested in is not listed among auctioned cars for sale, save the model and its features through Smart Finder, and the system will notify you when your vehicle becomes available.
  3. All your bids are binding, note you can change your offer in a blind auction ONLY as long as the online car auction is still open./li>
  4. After purchasing a used auto from our online auctions, track the status on your personal page. We also offer extra services, including transportation, EX-A customs Export Declarations, and assist with transit plates process.