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Ongoing auctions of used cars from Germany 

CLOSING: Tuesday, 27/02/2024
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Pay attention! Image / Photos wins from text in claims.

Vehicles originating from Germany
Delivery may take +/-3-5 weeks. 
(2) Auction results can take up to 4 working days.
(3) Most vehicles have a service history, but note that if it's not online, it may not be available for that car.

27 Feb 14:40
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Arval Germany:
  • Minimum bid - winning chance +-2-5%
  • Estimation Price - winning chance +-30-50%

Vehicles originating from Germany
Delivery may take +/-4-6 weeks. 

(2) Most vehicles have a service history, but note that if it's not online, it may not be available for that car.

CLOSING: Wednesday, 28/02/2024
CLOSING: Thursday, 29/02/2024

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Tips for successful bidding

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Set a budget

Setting a clear budget in advance is the first step to success. That way you can plan your bids wisely, manage expenses and boost your bidding confidence.


Use our bid calculator

Use the bid suggestion calculator to determine how much to bid based on the minimum market price or ask your account manager for help.

Know the rules

Take some time to explore the platform and familiarise yourself with how auctions work before you start bidding. Remember that bids cannot be cancelled!

Eyes on the prize

Carefully check the description and photos of the cars you're interested in, and don't get discouraged if your first bids are not the winning ones. Successful bidding takes practice!

What you need to know about used cars from Germany

What to keep in mind before you buy a used German car.

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Certificate of Conformity (COC)

Most German used cars come with a COC which is not the original brand's COC.

Detailed appraisal report

Most of our used cars from Germany come with a detailed appraisal report and transparent service history.


30-35 days for your cars to arrive

Used cars from Germany take 30-35 days to arrive to our premises in Belgium.

German quality

Used cars from Germany are typically well-maintained, reflecting a culture of precision, care and automotive pride.

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Questions & Answers

Answers to popular questions about German cars on eCarsTrade online auctions.

1. How can I start bidding on cars from Germany?

Register for free on eCarsTrade and upload your company documents to get unlimited access to the platform. Simply navigate to Auctions and choose 'Germany' in the search filters.

2. What kind of cars are featured on auctions from Germany?

You can find a wide variety of cars on eCarsTrade German car auctions - from small hatchback and light commercial vehicles to luxury sedans and SUVs. There is something for every trader's needs!

3. What are my pick-up and delivery options?

To receive your car(s), you can choose between: pick-up with an official truck company, pick-up with your company plates or delivery of the car(s) to you. If you choose to have us deliver your car to you, get in touch with your account manager for a quote!

4. Do German cars come with a COC?

Yes, all used cars from Germany on our platform come with a Certificate of Conformity (COC), but keep in mind it's not the original brand's COC.

5. Do all German cars have TÜV inspection?

In Germany, cars undergo a rigorous inspection called the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) inspection. Some of our German cars will have a TÜV report, but not all. Nevertheless, they will mostly come with a detailed appraisal report and service history.

6. How long does it take for a car to arrive from Germany?

Used cars arriving from German auctions take 30-35 days to arrive to our parking in Belgium. Lead time starts from the moment your payment is received and visible on our account.