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Volkswagen plans to acquire Huawei's self-driving vehicle unit

3 March 2022

Chip shortage will extend into 2022

Deloitte is predicting the chip shortages likely to last through 2022 and we should be prepared for longer lead times and possible delays.

23 February 2022

Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi alliance plans to take over the EV market by 2030

21 February 2022

How to buy cars from another country?

 Cross-border used car trade is very common for EU dealers.

18 February 2022

BMW Marks 50th Anniversary of M Division

As an alternative to the traditional BMW emblem, customers who will choose a BMW M automobile or a BMW model equipped with an M Sport package with a production date from March 2022 can have their vehicle’s front, rear and wheel hub caps decorated with emblems inspired by the classic "BMW Motorsport" logo.

7 February 2022

Passenger car registrations across the European Union in 2021

According to ACEA data sales of new cars in the EU fell by 2.4% to 9.7 million units in 2021 breaking the previous low record of 2020.

27 January 2022

Classifieds vs Auctions

According to ACEA data there are 243 million passenger cars on the EU’s roads today, with an average age of 11.5 years. This number doesn’t include buses, trucks, light and heavy commercial vehicles and other mobile machinery.

20 January 2022

Is an ex-leased vehicle a good alternative to a private one?

We have analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative and come up with some key points for you to consider before deciding which option best suits your needs.

15 July 2021

How COVID-19 Affected the Used Car Market

Recently we have seen a significant change in the buying patterns of those purchasing vehicles. Statistics show the volume of new vehicle purchases has decreased, with the lower sales numbers attributed to major events happening in the global economy.

2 July 2021