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Volkswagen Facts Every Car Salesman Should Know

With a rich and complex history, Volkswagen has left a definite mark on popular culture. So why not charm your customers with some fascinating Volkswagen facts?

22 June 2024

Automotive Marketing Software: Must-Have Tools for Dealerships

Optimize your dealership's success with automotive marketing software for better insights and engagement. Boost sales and visibility with our expert recommendations!

20 June 2024

How to Import a Car to Spain

Learn how to import cars from the EU to Spain as a dealer. Regulations, taxes, paperwork, and process covered in this step-by-step guide.

18 June 2024

Why Is the After-Sales Experience So Important in the Automotive Industry?

Learn why the after-sales experience is crucial in the automotive industry. Find how you can tweak it to boost customer satisfaction and success for your dealership.

15 June 2024

5 Mazda Facts Every Car Salesman Should Know

Impress your customers with these 5 essential Mazda facts for a successful sales pitch. From the name and logo trivia to innovative safety features, these facts will help you seal the deal.

13 June 2024

How to Import a Car to France?

Learn how to easily import cars to France with the eCarsTrade guide for used car dealers. Read all about the necessary documentation and the step-by-step process.

10 June 2024

Battery Lease for Electric Cars - Everything You Want to Know

Discover everything you need to know about battery leasing for certain electric vehicles and get informed about costs, advantages and monthly payments.

5 June 2024

Nissan Fun Facts Every Car Salesman Should Know

Discover six interesting facts about Nissan to use in your dealership’s marketing and sales pitches. Your customers will find them mind-blowing!

31 May 2024

Which Dealership Software Tools Do Successful Dealers Use? Let’s See!

A successful dealership relies on car dealer software solutions and tools to manage its operations, from inventory management to handling relationships with customers.

27 May 2024

6 Peugeot Fun Facts to Tell Your Potential Customers

Discover fun facts about Peugeot history and learn who makes Peugeot. Explore the brand's legacy, key milestones, and the company driving its success.

22 May 2024

Everything You Need to Know to Create a Business Plan for Your Used Car Dealership

Get started with your car dealership business plan: Simple and easy guide to building successful strategies for selling used cars.

17 May 2024

How to Plan and Write Automotive Content That Ranks on Google

Writing car content can be easy with these SEO tips, keyword research strategies, and effective content writing techniques. Boost your dealership’s visibility on Google!

13 May 2024

6 Audi Fun Facts to Tell Your Potential Customers

Equip yourself with stories and fun facts about Audi to impress your customers. Whether you’re closing sales or just sharing your passion for cars, these Audi facts will make an impact.

9 May 2024

Petrol vs. Diesel vs. Hybrid vs. Electric - Understand Your Options

What are the pros and cons of petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles? Learn all about your options and stand out in the used car market.

29 April 2024

Types of LCVs for Businesses and Fleets

Discover the various types of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). From panel vans to pick-up trucks, learn about distinct uses and benefits for your business.

26 April 2024

What Is a COC (Certificate of Conformity) and How to Get It?

Certificate of Conformity (COC) decoded: A must-read for car dealerships. Simplify compliance, streamline transactions, serve customers better.

24 April 2024

How to Import a Car to Italy

Discover how to import a car to Italy with ease. Learn about regulations, documentation, taxes, and registration in this simple, comprehensive guide.

30 March 2024

How to Increase Your Dealership’s Profitability and Sell More Cars in 2024?

Proven strategies that can elevate your car dealership's profitability. Learn how smart inventory choices, market analysis, and a strong online presence can drive more sales.

28 March 2024

Inventory Management in Your Car Dealership - Do You Know How to Do It Right?

Discover effective inventory management strategies for car dealerships to optimize stock, enhance sales, and outperform competitors.

27 March 2024

How to Import a Car to Portugal

Don't miss out on profitable car imports to Portugal. Get the step-by-step guide and knowledge you need on taxes, regulations, and insider tips today.

26 March 2024

Where Do Dealers Get Their Vehicles and Used Cars From?

Discover where used car dealers get cars, from auctions to trade-ins and direct purchases, with pros and cons for each method to help you grow your stock.

25 March 2024

Can You Profit From Buying Damaged Cars?

Think damaged cars are a risk? Think again! Learn how to buy, repair, and sell damaged cars to boost your car trading business and unlock hidden profits.

24 March 2024

Automotive SEO for Car Dealerships - Tips from the eCarsTrade SEO Team

Boost your car dealership's online success with automotive SEO tactics. Discover how to increase sales, drive traffic, and outpace the competition. Learn more!

21 March 2024

Is 2024 the Year to Start Investing in Hybrids and EVs?

Electric and hybrid vehicles offer great opportunities to skilled used cars dealers who know how to respond to consumer preferences even in a slowing market.

21 March 2024

WLTP Standards – Everything You Need to Know

All the questions you had about the WLTP standard and CO2 emissions answered simply and clearly by eCarsTrade automotive experts.

18 March 2024

Solving Common Bidding Struggles on eCarsTrade

Discover easy solutions to common bidding struggles with our guide. Learn how to bid smarter and win more on eCarsTrade auctions for car traders.

7 March 2024

SUVs with the Highest Resale Value - eCT Experts Opinion

To increase your used SUV sale volumes and profit margins, read our list of high-resale value SUVs and learn tips and tricks from eCarsTrade experts.

28 February 2024

Transporting and Shipping Multiple Vehicles Within EU

Learn how to ship multiple cars within the EU. Find the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective methods for transporting vehicles from auctions to your dealership.

26 February 2024

5 Ways to Improve the Digital Outreach of Your Dealership

Most consumers start their search for a new car online, so your car dealership's digital outreach is crucial to its success. Here's how to ensure the effectiveness of your car dealer advertising ideas.

22 February 2024

How to Keep Your Customers' Loyalty in 2024

Learn the industry tricks and best practices of increasing customer retention and loyalty to quickly grow your used car dealership business the easy way.

21 February 2024

Will Used Car Prices Drop in 2024? The Future of the Used Car Market

Dive into a deep analysis on the state of the used and new car market in late 2023 and read our predictions for used car pricing in 2024.

19 January 2024

eCarsTrade Announces Dirk Van Roost as CFO

In a new step towards strengthening its leadership team, eCarsTrade is proud to announce that Dirk Van Roost recently joined as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), to help steer the leadership and finance teams, driving profitable growth.

11 January 2024

7 Best Used Hybrid Cars You Can Buy Today as a Car Trader

Looking to invest in a reliable hybrid car? Check out our list of the top 8 best used Hybrids to buy in 2024, all available on eCarsTrade.

30 December 2023

How to Stay Safe when Buying Cars in Online Auctions?

Discover essential security tips for online car auctions: from safe bidding practices to advanced features, build trust and stay safe in the digital marketplace.

29 December 2023

NEDC vs WLTP - Navigating Emission Standards in the EU Used Car Market

Everything used car dealers need to know about NEDC and WLTP procedures for measuring CO2 values to verify compliance with EU emission regulations.

27 December 2023

Car Auction Bidding: Strategies and Tools for Success

Discover expert strategies and tools like eCarsTrade to win car auctions. Learn bidding techniques, auction types, and avoid common pitfalls.

12 December 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Used Cars in Online Auctions

Navigate the world of online car auctions in Europe like a pro! Discover essential tips and tricks on how to buy a used car from these platforms with confidence and ease.

7 December 2023

Learn All About These 7 Types of Online Car Auctions: An Insider Guide

Read all about car auctions, their different types, and the bidding process so you can start buying cars today with convenience and at incredible prices.

6 December 2023

The Trader's Guide to Buying a Used Car: 6 Must-Ask Questions

Discover essential questions for successful used car trading. Find great deals at eCarsTrade, your trusted partner in the automotive market.

18 October 2023

How to Start a Used Car Dealership

Read our step-by-step guide for starting a used car dealership to find expert advice on building a strong and successful business.

15 October 2023

Hybrid Cars: A Guide for Used Car Dealers

Let’s take a look at the available types and the current market of hybrid cars for used cars sellers with main selling points and common concerns.

31 August 2023

What's new on the used car market? Rise of AI & SUV sales in Europe

Inflation, digitalization and everything else traders and private customers need to know about the 2023 used car market with a forecast for 2024.

31 August 2023

How To Shop for Used Cars: Expert Tips for Traders

Expand your sales and build a loyal client base with our practical tips for choosing the right vehicles for your used car dealership.

31 July 2023

6 Best Small City Cars

Discover the best small car for city driving, offering car traders high sales volumes, market popularity, and reliability for profitable returns.

31 July 2023

Could Water Shortage Be the Next Semiconductor Crisis?

How water shortages are affecting the car industry and how dealers and buyers can help solve the crisis.

4 July 2023

What Is Good Mileage for a Used Car?

Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth when buying a used car with our guide to mileage and other indicators of car condition.

14 June 2023

How to Fill Out a CMR Form - Ultimate Guide

What is a CMR? How to fill out a CMR? We got you covered! Let’s dive into all the details behind this important road cargo document.

13 June 2023

Exploring the Automotive Industry - An Interview with the CEO of eCarsTrade

Filipp Sevostianov, the CEO of eCarsTrade, shares his thoughts about the used car industry, the post-pandemic automotive world, and what’s in store for the future of eCarsTrade.

10 May 2023

5 Amazing Video Tips That Will Transform Your Car Business

Video marketing is stronger than ever! Learn how to take amazing videos of your cars and boost the success of your car dealership.

5 May 2023

Our 11 tips on Training Car Salespeople

Elevate your car sales business with our salespeople training tips, and ensure your buyers always get an exceptional experience.

4 May 2023

9 Best Used SUVs You Can Buy Today

Looking to invest in a reliable SUV? Check out our list of the top 9 best used SUVs to buy in 2023, available on eCarsTrade.

3 May 2023

2023 Guide to Car Emissions: What Every Buyer in Europe Should Know

Buying a car but you’re worried about air pollution? Read this article and get a rundown on key facts, considerations, and EU legislation for car CO2 emissions.

28 April 2023

Will Used Car Sales Change in Europe in 2023? A Complete Analysis

How has the European used car market been evolving in 2023? Let’s deep dive together into used car sales in Europe and what’s in store for the rest of the year.

28 April 2023

Boost Your Car Dealership Success With These 5 Online Brand Strategies

Find out everything you wanted to know about car dealership branding and learn how you can elevate your own brand using the power of the internet, smart design practices, and modern technology.

20 March 2023

9 Common Car Dealership Sales Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Car dealerships are a balancing act of selling cars, sourcing stock, and keeping customers happy. Find out how to tread this line successfully and fix the most common mistakes!

15 March 2023

How to Buy a Car at an Online Car Auction? Tips From eCarsTrade Sales Team

Let’s dive together into questions about online car auctions, purchasing process, bidding and car shipping that, among many others, our sales team answers on the daily!

15 March 2023

2023 Electric Vehicle Trends: The Rise of EV Remarketing

Read all about the opportunities, challenges, and unanswered questions of electric vehicle remarketing as EVs take centre stage of European transportation.

6 February 2023

How to Transport Cars Between Dealerships

Transporting your vehicles is an essential part of a car dealership business. Find out which option will save you the most time and money! 

5 February 2023

Are Online Car Auctions Actually Safe? - 7 Car Auction Myths

Online car auctions are still veiled by some common misconceptions. Let's bust some myths together and learn how auctions can help you build the stock of your dreams!

24 January 2023

6 Digital Marketing Strategies for Car Dealerships in 2024

Learn about some of the fundamental and most effective digital marketing strategies and take your automotive business to the next level.

22 January 2023

7 Tips on How to Repair Minor Car Damage

Selling a car with repaired minor damages can increase your profit. Read our guide on how to do minor car repairs with damages such as scratches, dents, and cracks.

16 December 2022

How to Take Photos of Used Cars to Increase Sales - A Practical Guide for Traders

Our step-by-step guide on how to take great photos of used cars for your car dealership. Take professional photos for your car business and boost sales!

14 December 2022

Top 5 Best and Most Reliable Used Cars to Buy

Discover these 5 car models that have been revealed as some of the most reliable cars by one of the biggest automotive surveys in Europe.

15 November 2022

Should You Buy a Used Electric Car as a Car Trader? All You Need to Know

Dive with us into the pros and cons of buying a used electric vehicle and answering a burning question - are second-hand electric cars a good buy for car traders?

15 November 2022

When Will Prices of Used Cars Drop? - Our Predictions for 2023

Our breakdown of the used car market in 2022 and predictions on its evolution in 2023. Discover what’s in store for the market and if used cars will get more or less expensive.

11 October 2022

Should You Buy a Damaged Car? Our Guide to Pros and Cons

 Everything you need to know about buying a damaged car, including pros, cons, tips, and how to buy them at eCarsTrade.

30 September 2022

5 VIN Check Decoders to Help You Find Out Your Used Car's History

 Find out your used car's history with the help of these 5 VIN decoders for Europe. VIN decoders allow you to get a vehicle history report to avoid buying or selling cars with accident history, mileage fraud, or hidden damages.

12 September 2022

Evaluate a Used Car Like an Expert in 7 Easy Steps (+ Bonus Tip!)

Discover these 7 easy steps that will help you evaluate a second-hand car and learn all about buying the best cars for your automotive business.

16 August 2022

Volkswagen plans to acquire Huawei's self-driving vehicle unit

Volkswagen aims to compete with Tesla by purchasing Huawei's self-driving vehicle unit. The two companies will form a joint venture with Volkswagen providing the funding and Huawei providing the technology.

3 March 2022

Chip shortage will extend into 2022

Deloitte is predicting the chip shortages likely to last through 2022 and we should be prepared for longer lead times and possible delays.

23 February 2022

Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi alliance plans to take over the EV market by 2030

The French-Japanese automakers are planning to deepen their cooperation. The parties will spend 23bn Euros in the next five years on electrification, leading to 35 new EV models by 2030.

21 February 2022

How to buy cars from another country?

Cross-border used car trade is very common for EU dealers. Here's all you need to know about buying cars from another country, export regulations and taxes.

18 February 2022

BMW Marks 50th Anniversary of M Division

Customers who will choose a BMW M car or n M Sport package produced from March 2022 can have their vehicle’s wheel hub caps decorated with emblems inspired by the classic "BMW Motorsport" logo.

7 February 2022

Passenger car registrations across the European Union in 2021

According to ACEA data sales of new cars in the EU fell by 2.4% to 9.7 million units in 2021 breaking the previous low record of 2020.

27 January 2022

Classifieds vs Auctions

According to ACEA data there are 243 million passenger cars on the EU’s roads today, with an average age of 11.5 years. This number doesn’t include buses, trucks, light and heavy commercial vehicles and other mobile machinery.

20 January 2022

Is an ex-leased vehicle a good alternative to a private one?

We have analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative and come up with some key points for you to consider before deciding which option best suits your needs.

15 July 2021

7 Steps to Win a Car at Dealer Auction

Good luck is a direct consequence of preparation! Our goal is for your next auction experience to be both profitable and successful. We have published this article to offer you some tips and tricks that will ensure your next experience is a good one. Check out these seven tips to win your next auction!

7 July 2021

How COVID-19 Affected the Used Car Market

Recently we have seen a significant change in the buying patterns of those purchasing vehicles. Statistics show the volume of new vehicle purchases has decreased, with the lower sales numbers attributed to major events happening in the global economy.

2 July 2021

New eCarsTrade Design

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. More information on our cars, fully responsive layout for all platforms, new languages – we hope you’ll find it easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

1 July 2019

eCarsTrade goes Mobile!

eCarsTrade.com is now available on all your favourite devices all the time, everywhere. This way, you can follow your favourite bids online using the unique eCarsTrade platform and monitor your purchases wherever you are!

12 March 2018