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7 Best Used Hybrid Cars You Can Buy Today as a Car Trader

Looking to invest in a reliable hybrid car? Check out our list of the top 8 best used Hybrids to buy in 2024, all available on eCarsTrade.

What are the best used hybrid cars to invest in as a car trader? We’re here to answer that question today! The hybrid car market is rapidly evolving, offering lucrative opportunities for car traders, especially in the second-hand segment. 

As environmental concerns and fuel efficiency become increasingly important to consumers and the European ‘Fit for 55’ deal - which hopes to cut down on CO2 emissions drastically by 2035 - slowly approaches, hybrid vehicles are gaining traction. 

For car traders, understanding which models offer the best return on investment, particularly in the second-hand market, is essential. This article delves into some of the most promising hybrid models to buy in Europe, highlighting their profitability, sales volumes, and other advantages for car traders.


 7 Best Used Hybrid Cars

1. Volvo XC90 T8

2. BMW X5 Hybrid

3. Peugeot 508 Hybrid

4. Mercedes-Benz GLE Hybrid

5. Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

6. Audi Q5 Hybrid

7. Volkswagen Golf GTE


1. Volvo XC90 T8

The Volvo XC90 T8, renowned for its luxury and eco-friendliness, presents an intriguing option in the second-hand market, particularly for car traders. 

Volvo's Recharge models, which include electric and hybrid cars, sold 37% more this year compared to last September, making up 34% of all their global sales. Out of these, 15% were fully electric cars, up from 12% last September.

For car traders, the Volvo XC90 T8 represents a valuable investment opportunity in the second-hand market. The vehicle's combination of luxury, safety, and hybrid technology makes it appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers, from families to environmentally conscious buyers. This wide appeal can lead to sustained demand and potentially higher resale values in the pre-owned market.

Moreover, the XC90 T8's position as a high-end SUV in Volvo's lineup suggests that it may maintain a stronger resale value compared to more common or lower-end models. The car's robust build quality and Volvo's reputation for safety add to its allure in the second-hand market, possibly leading to better profitability for car traders.

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2. BMW X5

The BMW X5 Hybrid stands out as an exceptional choice in the world of eco-friendly vehicles. Combining the luxury and performance associated with BMW with the benefits of hybrid technology, it offers a powerful yet environmentally conscious driving experience. This vehicle seamlessly integrates a robust engine with an electric motor, providing efficiency without sacrificing power.

Electric car sales exceeded BMW's yearly target, reaching 15.1%. Additionally, luxury models like the BMW X5 and majorly contributed to sales growth, BMW reports.

For car traders, the X5 Hybrid is a wise investment. In Europe, there's a growing trend towards sustainable vehicles, and the X5 Hybrid's increasing sales reflect this shift. It appeals to the environmentally aware consumer while maintaining the prestige of the BMW brand, ensuring both demand and a strong resale value. 

Moreover, as European regulations increasingly favor low-emission vehicles, the X5 Hybrid is well-positioned to meet these standards, making it a future-proof choice.

In essence, the BMW X5 Hybrid is more than just a luxury SUV; it's a forward-thinking vehicle that aligns with the evolving preferences of car buyers in the European market. This blend of innovation, sustainability, and brand reputation makes it a compelling option for car traders.

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3. Peugeot 508 Hybrid

The 508 Hybrid, with its modern design and efficient performance, is an attractive option in the second-hand market. It offers car traders a competitive edge in the mid-range market segment. 

This vehicle is a standout choice for those seeking a blend of style, efficiency, and performance. It features a sophisticated combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, offering a smooth and responsive driving experience while minimizing emissions.For car traders, the Peugeot 508 Hybrid presents a lucrative opportunity in Europe, where there is a notable shift towards more sustainable transportation options. Moreover, Peugeot, as a brand, has a good market presence in Europe.

The Peugeot brand, known for its reliability and aesthetic appeal, further enhances the vehicle's marketability, ensuring a stable demand and favorable resale prospects.

The Peugeot 508 Hybrid is not just a stylish and efficient vehicle; it's a smart choice for car traders looking to capitalize on the growing trend of eco-friendly vehicles in Europe. Its combination of design, performance, and sustainability makes it an attractive option in the current automotive market.

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4. Mercedes-Benz GLE Hybrid

The Mercedes GLE Hybrid stands as a remarkable example of luxury meets sustainability. This vehicle combines the classic elegance and advanced engineering of Mercedes-Benz with eco-friendly hybrid technology. It offers a seamless blend of a powerful combustion engine and an electric motor, ensuring a driving experience that is both dynamic and environmentally considerate.

For car traders, the GLE Hybrid is an attractive investment, particularly in the European market. As consumer preferences shift towards more sustainable transportation options, the GLE Hybrid's increasing popularity and sales in Europe are a testament to this trend. 

It appeals to those who seek the luxury and performance of a Mercedes-Benz while also prioritizing environmental responsibility. The brand's long-standing reputation for quality and innovation adds to the vehicle's desirability, ensuring a robust demand and strong resale value.

Mercedes reports that its sales of rechargeable cars, including plug-in models from Mercedes-Benz and Smart, had a 19% increase from the previous year and accounted for 19.3% of total sales. Battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales increased 66% from last year, setting a new record and accounting for 12% of total sales.

Its blend of fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and state-of-the-art features positions it as a top contender in the luxury hybrid SUV market.


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5. Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

The Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid is a luxury hybrid model that combines performance with eco-friendliness. The Panamera E-Hybrid, with its high-end appeal and performance capabilities, is likely to retain a good resale value in the second-hand market. This makes it an attractive investment for traders looking for high-margin opportunities.

According to the company's data, the Panamera ranked as Porsche's fifth most popular model worldwide, with 26,779 units sold in the first nine months of 2023. 

The Porsche Panamera Hybrid is a real game-changer in the luxury car market, blending top-notch performance with eco-friendly technology. Here's why car traders should seriously consider investing in this model:

Firstly, the Panamera Hybrid represents the perfect mix of power and sustainability. With its hybrid engine, it offers a thrilling drive that's also kinder to the environment. This is a big selling point for customers who are environmentally conscious but still want a car that packs a punch.

Secondly, the Panamera's design is quintessentially Porsche – sleek, stylish, and sophisticated. This visual appeal is a huge plus for traders, as it makes the car an easy sell. Known for excellence and reliability, investing in a Porsche is often seen as a safe bet. This is especially true for the Panamera Hybrid, as it combines traditional Porsche strengths with innovative hybrid technology.

Lastly, the resale value of Porsches remains strong, and the Panamera Hybrid is no exception. This means traders can expect a good return on their investment, making it a smart financial decision.

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6. Audi Q5 Hybrid

The Audi Q5 Hybrid is a standout in the world of luxury hybrid SUVs, offering a perfect blend of innovation, comfort, and eco-friendliness. Here’s why car traders should consider adding this model to their portfolio:

First off, the Q5 Hybrid is all about blending efficiency with performance. Its hybrid engine delivers smooth, powerful driving while keeping emissions and fuel consumption low. This is a big draw for today's environmentally conscious buyers who don’t want to compromise on performance.

Then there’s the design – it's classic Audi. Sleek, sophisticated, and packed with advanced features, the Q5 Hybrid is an eye-catcher. Its aesthetic appeal can make it a more attractive option to a wide range of customers, from families to business professionals.

Audi’s reputation for quality and reliability is another huge selling point. The brand is synonymous with excellence, and the Q5 Hybrid is no exception. Investing in this model means investing in a vehicle known for its durability and longevity, which is a big plus for both traders and buyers.

Lastly, the resale value of Audi vehicles, especially in the hybrid segment, is impressive. The Q5 Hybrid is likely to maintain a good portion of its value over time, offering a solid return on investment.

In summary, the Audi Q5 Hybrid is an excellent choice for car traders. Its combination of eco-friendliness, performance, style, and brand reputation makes it a compelling option in the luxury SUV market. Plus, its strong potential resale value makes it a wise financial decision.

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7. Volkswagen Golf GTE

The Volkswagen Golf GTE is an exciting player in the world of hybrid cars, blending traditional Golf values with innovative hybrid technology. Here's why car traders should consider stocking up on this model:

Firstly, the Golf GTE packs a punch with its hybrid powertrain. It offers a dynamic driving experience that's both fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. This mix is increasingly appealing to a wide range of buyers, from eco-conscious individuals to those who just love a fun, responsive drive.

The design of the Golf GTE maintains the classic, universally loved Golf aesthetic but with a modern twist. It's sleek, sporty, and practical, making it a great choice for a variety of customers, including young professionals and small families. This broad appeal is a huge advantage for traders.

Volkswagen's reputation for reliability and value is another key factor. Investing in a Golf GTE means investing in a car known for its durability and quality. This is a significant selling point and offers peace of mind to both traders and buyers.

Finally, the resale value of the Golf range has always been strong, and the GTE variant is no exception. Its desirable blend of features ensures that it maintains a good portion of its value over time, making it a smart choice for traders.

The Volkswagen Golf GTE is a brilliant choice for car traders. It offers a great mix of efficiency, driving pleasure, practical design, and brand reliability. Plus, its strong potential resale value makes it a financially sound investment in the growing hybrid car market.

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While selecting the top used hybrid cars for your inventory, understanding the upcoming market shifts is essential. Are you curious about the expert predictions on the used car market in 2024? Gain valuable insights from our comprehensive analysis, which can guide your purchasing decisions and help you stay ahead in the competitive used car industry. Dive into our article for the latest forecasts and trends.

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For car traders, the second-hand hybrid market offers a wealth of opportunities. Models like the Volvo XC90 T8 and BMW X5 provide profitability through brand prestige and unique features. 

At the same time, vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf GTE and Peugeot 508 Hybrid offer broad appeal and volume sales. By focusing on these models, traders can capitalize on the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles while maximizing their investment in the dynamic European car market.

Investing in these hybrid models can be highly profitable for car traders, given their brand reputation, technology, and appeal in the second-hand market. 

Each of these models shows promise in terms of resale value and market demand, making them strategic choices for traders focusing on the European market. Find these models and many more hybrid cars on eCarsTrade!