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SUVs with the Highest Resale Value - eCT Experts Opinion

To increase your used SUV sale volumes and profit margins, read our list of high-resale value SUVs and learn tips and tricks from eCarsTrade experts.

suvs in various colors on a parking lot

When it comes to best resale value SUVs, it's like uncovering hidden gems in the automotive world. Some SUVs maintain their worth better than others, making them popular choices among buyers. In fact, various factors may influence an SUV’s resale value, from brand reputation and current popularity to economic factors affecting car sales, like supply and demand market dynamics.

But let’s get practical. Below, you’ll find information on specific makes and models eCarsTrade experts consider best resale value SUVs in today’s market.

It’s a great time to be in the used SUV business. Apart from the used car market recovering steadily, SUVs are now the most popular vehicle type in the EU, selling more units than any other car.

graphic showing percentage of sold suvs in 2023 in europe
Data: Best Selling Cars


And as you know, success in new car sales always echoes in the used car market. These days, you should see more customers demanding SUVs and willing to pay a higher price for these popular cars. 

To help you get the most out of every used SUV sale, we’ve prepared some guidelines for sourcing and selling high-resale value SUVs. First, we’ll look at some models we’ve found to have a high resale value, and then we’ll discuss which characteristics actually cause used SUVs to fetch a better price in the market.

Best SUVs to buy with resale intent - What do our eCarsTrade experts say?

In our years of experience serving European used car dealers, we’ve found that certain makes and models represent high resale value SUVs, which our clients have no problem moving from their lots, at an excellent profit margin. 

So, which SUVs have the best resale value? Here’s our top list.

blue bmw x5 on a parking lot


The BMW X5 is right at the top of our list of best used SUVs for sale because it has two important features that shape its resale value. Firstly, there’s BMW’s impeccable brand reputation. Buyers trust the quality and reliability of BMW’s products and are, therefore, that much more willing to invest in a used BMW. 

Secondly, the X5 is a luxury model that comes at a steep price. For that reason, buyers will often opt for a used X5 instead of a new one to get all the benefits of this model, at an accessible price. And, after all, why shouldn’t they? With BMW’s good reputation, buying a used X5 just makes sense.


white land rover range rover parked

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Land Rover is famous for its ability to retain value over time. Indeed, various models from this producer have won awards and rankings in this category, such as the 2023 Model-Level Residual Value Awards. This is important information because it will enable you to price Land Rovers higher and secure a better profit margin.

Apart from that, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, particularly, is a high-resale value SUV because of its high performance in off-road conditions. Outdoor lovers recognize the durability and trustworthiness of this model and favor it above many other SUVs.


black mercedes gle parked on the road

Mercedes GLE

Mercedes is another example of how brand reputation and luxury status can influence perceived value. Buyers are attracted to this model because of its pristine interior design that, coupled with road performance, offers one of the most comfortable rides in the SUV class.

With 45,741 Mercedes GLE units sold in the EU in 2022, it has secured its spot as an in-demand model you should have no problem reselling at a good margin.


silver audi q7 in a showroom

Audi Q7

This model has a smaller-than-average depreciation rate in a 5-year period, stabilizing at 47%. That means it retains a very good portion of its original value and can fetch an excellent price in the used car market.

And with Audi’s reputation for engineering excellence, it’s really no surprise. Including this car in your roster of used SUVs will not only improve your profit margins, but will also help your reputation, as the Audi Q7 is proven to be a reliable vehicle that should require no more than regular maintenance.


white bmw x3 on the road


The BMW X3 has all of the benefits of its big brother, X5, but a clear advantage is its very low depreciation rate: only 37% over a five-year period, which makes it an excellent model for improving your profit margins - you can resell it at a price much closer to its original value. 

The BMW X3 is also a more affordable option than the X5, which should make it more accessible to a larger portion of your customer base.


white mercedes glc in a showroom

Mercedes GLC

Another SUV favorite from Mercedes. Customers value this model because of its deluxe body type and comfortable ride. It also has a reputation for exceptionally good handling and efficient fuel consumption.

Compared to the GLE model, it’s an even bigger hit with buyers, with 68,118 units sold in the EU in 2022.

black land rover range rover velar parked outdoors

Land Rover Range Rover Velar

The Velar model is a top used SUV to buy because it has attracted the attention of buyers since it first came out in 2017. It has a modern and sleek design that sets it apart from Range Rover’s more classic-looking models. In fact, its distinctive look won it the World Car Design of the Year Award in 2018.

Pair that with smart and sturdy off-road features, and you have an SUV that never goes out of style. Its presence in your dealership will definitely attract attention and, soon after, a good resale deal.

white audi q5 parked in front of a house

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is one more SUV we’d like to recommend for its low depreciation rate. In five years, it will lose less than 39%, on average, of its initial value, making it a very solid investment for any buyers looking to purchase a reliable and valuable used SUV.

And buyers really do like this car. It sold 63,018 units in the EU in 2022, which is enough to truly be called a best-seller.

red volkswagen tiguan on a parking

Volkswagen Tiguan

As you probably already know, Volkswagen is the king of car sales in the EU. In 2023, it domineered with 1,357,139 cars sold. And the Tiguan is one of the models that contributed most to this success.

The Volkswagen Tiguan has actually been Europe’s best-selling SUV for several years. It offers comfort, reliability, and versatile use for it’s owners, all at attractive pricing. You can’t go wrong with including this best-value SUV in your offering because it is always in demand.

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What impacts vehicle resale value? Most important factors

graphic showing major factors impacting resale value

Brand reputation

Brand reputation plays an important role in determining the resale value of used SUVs. 

When it comes to buying a vehicle, consumers often choose brands with established reliability, durability, and trustworthiness.

A strong brand reputation actually speaks to the manufacturer's reliability and means a history of producing high-quality vehicles that stand the test of time.

For example, here is how consumers rate the reliability of popular car brands:

infographic showing how consumers rate reliability of popular car brands


Buyers are more willing to invest in SUVs from reputable brands because they believe they have a lower risk of encountering mechanical issues or depreciation. 

That makes it easier to form a buying decision: they know they’ll have to invest less in maintenance and won’t have to worry about their safety on the road. That’s especially important in the used car market.

This combination of reliability, trust, and durability associated with reputable brands adds up and results in high-resale value SUVs.

Vehicle condition and maintenance history

A well-maintained SUV with a documented service history is typically perceived as more reliable and desirable to potential buyers. 

Regular maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotations, and scheduled inspections, show that the vehicle has been cared for and is less likely to have underlying mechanical issues.

In fact, more than just moving quickly from dealerships, SUVs with a clean maintenance record will usually fetch a premium price, as they offer peace of mind and reassurance regarding the car's reliability and longevity. 

The condition of the vehicle's exterior and interior also significantly affects its resale value. 

SUVs that have been well-maintained and kept in good condition are more appealing to buyers and can fetch higher prices on the resale market.

What does that mean for you as a dealer? Mainly that you should focus on buying SUVs in good condition if your goal is to move them from your lot quickly and at a high price.

row of black suvs on a parking lot

Supply and demand dynamics

When there is high demand and limited supply for a particular SUV model, its resale value tends to remain strong. But what can influence this demand?

In many cases, SUV models with features that cater to a wide range of needs and preferences experience greater demand in the resale market. 

For example, some private buyers prioritize spacious interiors and ample cargo capacity for family outings or road trips. 

Others may prioritize fuel efficiency for daily commuting or off-road capabilities for adventurous excursions. Additionally, safety features, technology options, and design aesthetics are all reasons why buyers look for SUVs in the first place, driving demand up and supply down.

Buyers prefer SUVs with these characteristics and they retain their value better over time due to their widespread appeal and limited availability in the used car market.

When an SUV model aligns with current market trends and enjoys widespread popularity among private consumers, its resale value tends to remain strong.


Market trends and popularity

Market trends and popularity significantly influence the resale value of SUVs. Popular cars have a proven track record and, therefore, need less proof of quality for buyers. That makes the resale process move more quickly. 

For example, the Toyota RAV4 is an SUV that has consistently been trendy and popular. 

With its versatile design, fuel-efficient performance, and reputation for reliability, the RAV4 has captured the attention of SUV buyers seeking a practical and dependable vehicle. 

As a result, demand for the RAV4 remains high, contributing to its strong resale value.

graphic showing the popularity of toyota rav4
Data: Good Car Bad Car


Apart from the RAV4, the SUVs in our above list also represent “evergreen” cars that never go out of style, meaning they present a low risk for dealers who want to resell vehicles quickly.

To maximize resale value, focus on what works

As you can see in this article, resale value comes down to a few factors, such as brand reputation, maintenance history, supply and demand dynamics, and market trends. 

Keep these variables in mind as you source used vehicles for your dealership, and you should have no problems increasing your profit margins and decreasing the time SUVs spend in your lot.

To make this task even easier, use our list of high-resale value SUVs, which you can easily source from the eCarsTrade platform, arming you with a strong and steady supply of best-seller SUVs for your business.