• Order Belgian Transit License Plates

Please note that eCarsTrade is NOT able to issue transit license plates. Only specialized agencies, cooperating with the Belgian Vehicle Registration Service (DIV), are allowed to issue transit plates.

You will need to personally go to the Transit Office in Brussels with all your documents to obtain your transit license plates. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you with the process and guide you through it!

In Belgium, you can only order Belgian transit license plates. They cost around 265€ (to be paid directly at the Transit Office) and are valid for 30 days (including insurance).

Step-by-step guide on how to obtain your transit license plates:

1. Check with your account manager if you need extra documents.

If the car is missing some documents, we suggest using a transport company instead of ordering transit plates (for example: missing COC for French cars).

2. Check with your account manager if the car needs technical control.

The car must pass technical control to get transit license plates. If the car requires technical control, we can arrange it for you at an extra cost (around 200-300€).

3. Compile all the necessary original documents:

  • EU company: company documents + a valid passport or ID of the owner

  • Non-EU company: a passport from the country on the invoice + valid permission to be in the EU (visa, residence permit, etc.)

  • The car: registration documents + Belgian technical control + eCarsTrade sales invoice

4. Pick up the documents of the car in Overijse

Once the car has been fully paid for, you can come to our offices in Overijse and pick up the vehicle’s documents.

Make sure to pick them up a day before you go to the Transit Office or at 09:00 on the same day at the latest.

5. Go to the Transit Office in Brussels

Go to the Transit Office of your choice in Brussels and provide all the documents BEFORE 11:00 to have the plates ready in the afternoon (16:30-17:00) of the same day, if there are no delays from the DIV.

IMPORTANT: If you hand in the documents at the Transit Office after 11:00, you’ll have to wait until the next working day for the procedure to start.

6. Pick up your transit license plates

Pick up your transit license plates and return to our offices in Overijse to pick up your vehicle.

However, if your car is located in Ghislenghien, you will need a pickup code. Our Ghislenghien parking requires a pickup code in order for the truck driver to be allowed to enter the premises.

To receive the code, you need to send the signed and stamped Pick-Up Authorization with the transport company name filled in to [email protected]. In this case, pickup will only be possible the next day in Ghislenghien (as they close at 15:30).

You can always get in touch with your personal manager, and we’ll explain the procedure in detail and help in any way we can!

Please note, we have no control over any potential delays of your transit license plates, as that solely depends on the Transit Office.

Get in touch with us to also learn about other possibilities to pick the vehicles up!